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The Choir in 1974 after a concert at St. Andrew's school, Streatham

Loretta Rowntree Elizabeth Cowie Father Carolin Elizabeth Rivers Sheila Newman Julie McDonagh Sabina Todd-Pokropek Terry Jupp Monica Pendlebury Doris Weeds Frances Carter Sheila Mahoney Sheila Price Carole Winch Vera Barter Jeannette Ryan Bunty Murray Joe Ferry Tom King Michael Cowie Tony Price Andrew McMillan Jan Czarnecki Tom Rowe Michael Draude Bernard Jupp Peter Farrell Gerard Cowie Anne Howes Jean Cowie Jane Windsor Valerie McMillan Rosemary Clark Eunice Brennan Josie King Anne Rowntree Aurora Rigamonti-Jones Penny Medrano

The Choir in 1979 at their home parish of St. Bartholomew

Bishop Charles Henderson, Auxilliary Bishop in Southwark Anne Rowntree Tony Price Michael Cowie Peter Farrell John Ambler Archie Rigamonti-Jones Carole Winch Jeannette Ryan Sheila Price Jenny Jaszczuk Sheila Newman Terry Folorunso Joanne Jaszczuck Vera Barter Daryll Adams Terry Jupp Joe Ferry John Mackesey Jan Czarnecki Andrew McMillan Bernard Jupp Paul Gray Pauline Brinn Rosemary Clark Pauline Blake Jane Windsor Sally Jaszczuk Catherine Gresham Hillary White Anne Porter Joe De Mars Kirsten Rogers David Adams Sheila Mahoney Eileen O'Sullivan Frances Carter Jeannette Storace-Rutter Christine Shaughnessy Bunty Murray Richard Bush Louise Adams Doris Weeds Monica Pendlebury Daphne Murtagh Sabina Todd-Pokropek Wendy Surawy Father Robert George Aurora Rigamonti-Jones

The Choir after singing at High Mass in St. Peter's Basilica on 27th May 1990

Pope John Paul II Robert George Anne Rowntree Michael Cowie Peter farrell Rosemary Clark Doris Weeds Bunty Murray Louise Adams Terry Folorunso Vera Barter John Ambler David Adams Paul Gray Kirsten Rogers Anne Porter Sally Jaszczuk Pauline Blake Pauline Brinn John Mackesey Bernard Jupp Jan Czarnecki Archie Rigamonti-Jones Andrew MacMillan Joe DeMars Jenny Jaszczuk Sheila Mahoney Daryll Adams Joe Ferry Sheila Price Joanne Jaszszuck Monica Pendlebury Sabina Todd-Pokropek Tony Price Carole Winch Jeannette Ryan Eileen O'Sullivan Terry Jupp Daphne Murtagh Jane Windsor Frances Carter Swiss Guard!! Swiss Guard!! Aurora Rigamonti-Jones Catherine Gresham Jewel Mike Richard Bush Hillary White Jeannette Storace-Rutter Christine Shaughnessy

The Choir in 1990 at an audience with Pope John Paul II on 30th May 1990 in Rome

Richard Bush Sally Jaszczuck Aurora Rigamonti-Jones Moira Windsor Pauline Blake Jane Windsor Thomas Windsor Anne Porter Pauline Brinn Archie Rigamonti-Jones Michael Cowie Paul Gray Bernard Jupp Peter Farrell David Adams Bishop Charles Henderson, Auxilliary Bishop in Southwark Tony Price Anne Rowntree John Ambler Father Michael Jones John Mackesey Carole Winch Brenda Kelly Tony Kelly Sheila Newman Sabina Todd-Pokropek Monica Pendlebury Terry Jupp Irene Barbary Brenda Halloran Jenny Jaszczuck Frances Carter Daphne Murtagh Jeannette Ryan Louise Jordan Sheila Mackesy Marlene Tweedale Ruth Morley Paul Rowntree Marie Tully Karen Moncrieff Jewel Mike Louise Adams Audrey Wright Click here for a larger image

The Choir after singing at High Mass in St. Peter's Basilica on 2nd June 1994

Frances Carter Joan Butler Jane Windsor Rob Cook Maria Leszcznska Jo Taylor Carole Winch Theresa Gulston Terry Jupp Tony Price Jeannette Ryan Madeleine Purswani Anne Mitra Father Michael Jones Terry Folorunso Conchita Wright Sabina Bush Bridget Mitchell Brenda Hopkins Ken Hopkins Richard Bush Dolores Smedley Eddie Gurnett Jan Marshall John Ambler Bernard Jupp Christine Shaughnessy
Members of the Choir after singing Mass at St. John Vianney, Bexleyheath on 24th July 2010