Father Deo's Choir Dinner - 7 February 2023

The Choir were invited, at their Annual Mass of Thanksgiving on 20 September 2022 to dinner by Father Deo, as a thank-you for all they contribute musically to the liturgical life of St. Bartholomew's.

Sadly, when to time arrived he was unable to join us whilst recovering from an operation on his foot. We were hugely disappointed and understanding in equal measure. We are grateful for his generosity to us, and, of course, for his ongoing support to us all.

The occasion also celebrated, and acknowledged, the 100+ years of combined service that Terry and Bernard Jupp have given the Choir, something we'll probably never ever see repeated.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to the images and videos below as a record of the occasion, and to the restaurant, Signor Ciccio in Streatham Vale, for hosting the occasion in such a welcoming, friendly and accommodating manner.

Pictures above from Tony
Pictures above from Jeannette
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