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The Choir Christmas 2009
Pictures copyright and courtesy of Trevor Mitchell
The Choir Christmas 2009
Father Tom offers advice(?!) to Matthew
The Choir Christmas 2009
The Choir Christmas 2009
Everyone watching the conductor keenly!
The Choir Christmas 2009
IS ANYONE watching the conductor yet?!
The Choir Christmas 2009
Theresa (left) and Bridget smiling for the photographer
Barry Williams received the huge applause due after the enormously successful organ recital he gave on 15th October 2005 Tony Price joins Barry, having presented him with a token of the Parish's appreciation Roger Greensted (centre) receives applause, having built the instrument in 1971 and overseen every development since
Father Tom Cooper presenting Sheila Newman with the Papal award Benemerenti in 2005 The Choir Christmas 2004
under the watchful direction of Bernard Jupp during the annual Christmas Concert
Father Michael Jones saying farewell to St. Bart's as he moves to become Parish Priest at St. John Vianney, Bexleyheath in 2004
The Choir Gallery
showing the choir in full voice in 2004
Father Michael's Silver Jubilee
- the clergy leave the church
at the end of the Mass
celebrating Father Michael's
25 years as a priest in 2003
Tony Price
having been awarded the Papal award Benemerenti on 24th November 2002 (Christus Rex) by Bishop Charles Henderson
Tony Price
with the picture of St. Cecilia received from the Choir on receiving the Benemerenti
Stainer Centenary Concert
in 2001, with St. Bartholomew's Orchestra and Polyphony Choir
Arundel Castle
with members of St. Bartholomew's Polyphony Choir and Orchestra in 1999
Songs of Praise
The cameraman kneels before the choir
Songs of Praise 1998 Christmas Special from the Whitgift Centre, Croydon, with Ruby Turner The Choir, Rome 1994
The Choir and High Altar at St. Ignatius is dwarfed by the sanctuary during the concert
The Choir, Rome 1994
High Mass on Corpus Christi
in St. Peter's Basilica
The Choir, Rome 1994
Anne Rowntree, Director, with the young people whose trip was kindly sponsored by Wates Builders, London
The Choir, Rome 1994
Bishop Charles Henderson (right) concelebrates High Mass with Cardinal Noe (and the Choir!)
Anne Rowntree receives the Papal Award Pro Ecclasias et Pontifice from Bishop Charles Henderson The Choir, Rome 1990
Pope John Paul II
with the Choir, Anne Rowntree and Robert George
The Choir, Rome 1990
The photographer who took the pics after Mass at St. Peter's. Sheila Mahoney (left) and Angela Amato
The Choir, Rome 1990
Bishop Charles Henderson and Angela Amato, our Pilgrimage Guide, after Mass at St. Peter's
The Choir, Rome 1990
The Choir in front of St. Peter's Basilica after singing Sunday's High Mass
The Choir, Rome 1990
A better view of the console of the Grand Organ in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
The Choir, Rome 1990
Tony Price playing Walton's Crown Imperial after the Choir's sung High Mass in St. Peter's, Rome
The Choir, Rome 1990
The Choir is dwarfed by the High Altar of the Church of St. Ignatius, Rome, after a concert
The Choir, Rome 1990
Press Release picture - Anne Rowntree, Sally Jaszczuk and Bunty Murray sing along with Tony Price
Dr. William Lloyd-Webber
leaves St. George's Cathedral after the world premier of his Mass Prince of Peace in 1982 as orchestrated by Bernard Jupp and Peter Ramage
The Choir's 10th Birthday
Anne Rowntree is presented with silverware in September 1979
The Choir 1974
after a concert at St. Andrew's Church, Streatham