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A page of press cuttings.......

Click on the links below to view - some of them are quite old, and, as a result, not of the best possible quality. They may take a little time to load, as, to maintain readability, the pictures are of a higher quality than that generally used on the web site. Hovering the mouse curser over the resultant images may offer you a button that you can then click to enlarge the image in order to read it more easily.

The links are arranged in a chronologically ascending order.

Father Miller's retirement 1963

St. Michael's, Pollards Hill 1964

St. Bartholomew's retro chapel extension 1966 1

Father Carolin's Silver Jubilee 1967 1

Father Carolin's Silver Jubilee 1967 2

Father Carolin's Silver Jubilee 1967 3

Ring Road Proposals 1968 1

Ring Road Proposals 1968 2

Concert Review 1972

Choir's Rome News 1990 1

Songs of Praise Christmas Special 1998